Advice for potential
honours, postgraduate students, and postdocs

We are always looking for good people to join the lab and we currently have positions available for honours, postgraduate students and/or postdocs. We are interested in attracting creative, highly motivated, and independent students with field research experience on marine mammals (or something similar), a strong background in ecology, animal behaviour or molecular ecology, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and strong quantitative and programming skills. Enquires from prospective students or postdocs from Australia or overseas are welcome.

Honours students

Students interested in doing honours at CEBEL should get familiar with the research carried at the lab and previous honours students’ research. Contact research leaders to discuss project availability or other research ideas you may have.

Postgraduate students

Before you apply for a MSc or PhD , there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Contact us first and tell us about yourself, your background, and the particular question(s) you are interested in. Also include a CV and copies of your transcripts (unofficial is fine).
  2. International Students: to be seriously considered, you must have a full scholarship. Australian Universities offer few scholarships for international students and these schemes are highly competitive. Consequently, only strong applicants are usually eligible. Selection of award holders will be undertaken by the Scholarships Committee based on academic merit and research potential. Applications are ranked according to the University's Guidelines for Ranking Postgraduate Research Scholarship Applications (this is a must-read if you are intending to apply, visit here). Among the important factors are peer-reviewed publications, research experience, letters of recommendation, and grades.
  3. Whenever possible, students should consider arranging a visit to the lab at some point before the year in which they aim to enroll to discuss opportunities and to meet with researchers and lab members.
  4. For information regarding applying for candidature for a higher degree by research, please visit here.


We welcome applications to join the lab from potential postdocs at any time and are happy to discuss research ideas and advice on application processes. Unless otherwise indicated here, Postdocs visiting the lab will need to make their own funding arrangements. Potential funding can be obtained through the Australian Research Council; information can be found here.